March 29, 2020

006#: Putting Humans First - Conversation with Mike Vacanti , Founder of HumansFirst Club

 In this episode, host Ash chats with HumansFirst Club founder Mike Vacanti who is passionate about bringing about a positive shift in business culture to value humans first . 

In this episode, we talk about

  • Mike’s career path and his gradual progression towards creating "HumanFirst Club".
  • His vision about building a human centric workplace 
  • How HumansFirst aims to bring people and teams together to inspire positive change, growth and sustainability through stories, experiences and open dialog
  • Mike’s latest book “Believership” – extends beyond leadership and how this brings more heart , inclusion , diversity and empathy to leadership and lifts others through choice rather than command.

Connect with Mike -

Learn more about HumansFirst and how you can get involved!

“Believership” book can be purchased here !

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