Feb. 8, 2022

031#: Passion To Profession : 5 Things NOT To Do in 2022 !! Solo episode with a fresh perspective to accomplish more this year!!

Starting a brand-new season here on “Passion To Profession” Podcast with a fresh perspective and insight into how to make 2022 your Best Year Yet!

In this episode, host Ash shares with you her approach and the 5  things you should NOT do this year and What to Do Instead! 

Episode Key Takeaways:

1.     ❌DON’T make New year Resolution
         ✅Do a Past Year Review!

2.     ❌DON’T Consume a lot of Content
          ✅ Instead Create your own Content!

3 .   ❌DON’T make Big Goals
          ✅Build your Systems!

4.     ❌  DON’T Overthink
          ✅   Do More! 

5.     ❌DON’T Chase Perfection 
          ✅ Focus on making Progress! 

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