Dec. 10, 2020

023#: Passion To Profession: Top Podcaster and Founder of 'Command Your Brand' Media company Jeremy Slate on the Power of Podcasting and helping Entrepreneurs increase their Brand Presence


How did a literature major from Oxford University become a Top Podcaster and new media entrepreneur? 

This episode features the incredible story of Jeremy Slate - Founder of ‘Create Your Own Life’ Podcast and ‘Command Your Brand’ media company .

Jeremy initially started out wanting to be a professor, but life took him on a different path when he had a near death experience at the age of 19 and his mom suffered a stroke – that made him question a lot of his life choices and he started experimenting with different ideas .

Jeremy describes his podcasting journey as truly life-changing!!!

In this conversation with Ash, he shares-

  • What made him start Podcasting 
  • Why you should or more importantly why should NOT start a podcast 
  •  Why Podcasters have to niche down their audience 
  •  How Podcasting can be a truly life changing medium 
  • His media Company – ‘Command Your Brand’ and how his company helps entrepreneurs leverage podcasts to increase their brand presence 


  • Basics of PR and some tips/tricks that anyone can use to gain exposure /increase visibility 

Jeremy Slate has been featured in Forbes (3x), INC (3x), Top Influencer by, Top Millennial Influencer by BuzzFeed, INC Top Podcast for 2019 and Top Podcast to Follow by CIO Magazine (2x; 2017 + 2018)!!

Learn more about Jeremy and do check his work!

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