Jan. 19, 2021

024#: New Year Special ! Solo Episode covering 2020 life lessons / experiences , Podcast Updates and What to expect in 2021!

This is a New Year special solo episode where I share some personal and professional updates. 

First part of the episode covers some personal updates-
Reflecting back on the most challenging year yet , I  try to seek out the positives and shares 3 important things that helped change my perspective on life

1. Minimalism - How clearing out clutter and unwanted things in physical space can help clear your mind and provide the space for taking slighter bigger risks in life.
2. Gift of Time - How this pandemic reminded us that life is fleeting and our time is limited . So make the best of it !
3. Empathy and Kindness - Matters more than anything else ! Even a small act of kindness can go a long way and brighten up someone else's day!

Second part of the episode covers some of the professional updates-

  1. Launch of Podcast website - www.passiontoprofessionpodcast.com
  2. Details on how to support the show and subscribe to stay in touch with the host
  3. Ask any question to me using 'Ask a Question' button on website and selected questions will be answered publicly in podcast episode with credits.
  4. If interested to be a part of small private group for more direct interactions, reach out to me directly via the website /social media 

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