April 19, 2021

026#: Passion To Profession: Author Rachel Beck on facing racism , loss of motherhood and remembering Home! #WomenOfSubstance #Series

As part of special series called 'Women Of Substance'  on Passion To Profession Podcast where we showcase woman-centred stories - stories of success , resilience , courage , breaking sterotypes , building strong identity, overcoming adversities and many more !

In this episode, host Ash chats with Rachel Beck - Author of the book -“Finding Your Way When Life Changes Your Plans: A Memoir of Adoption, Loss of Motherhood and Remembering Home.”

Rachel shares her incredible story which starts from being born in India where her biological mother died 2 days after she was born and being bought up in an orphanage . She was adopted by Jewish American family when she was 11 months old!

Rachel shares -

  • Her experience of growing up as an adopted kid , raised by a Jewish family where she found love and support of her adopted family 
  • Facing racism during the initial years and how she decided to step up and use her voice to share her thoughts and empower others 
  • Her 20 year old battle with endometriosis, infertility, failed adoption, and the decision to embrace hysterectomy as way of creating new life for herself .

Today , she has transformed into a strong , radiant person who is always shedding light on her network, helping others become best version of themselves and spreading joy to those aorund her through her positivity !

🎯Key Takeaways from the episode-

  • Only way to end ignorance is to have a conversation about it , no matter how difficult it is
  • Choose to be a part of solution not the problem 
  • Dont apologize for the color of your skin

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