July 6, 2021

028#: Overcoming depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts to becoming Sexy Brilliant global NGO Founder, Author , Radio show host and Producer - ft. Devina Kaur #Womenofsubstance #series


This episode is part of special series called 'Women Of Substance'  on Passion To Profession Podcast which covers  woman-centered stories! 
Stories of success , resilience , courage , breaking stereotypes , building strong identity, overcoming adversities and many more !

This episodes features Devina Kaur - Founder of Sexy Brilliant Global revolution initiative which aims to remove toxic shame and raise human consciousness to live life authentically.

She is also author of spiritual self-help book-
Too Fat
Too Loud
Too Ambitious

Through this book, Devina encourages you to be unapologetically brave and courageous and to accept yourself completely.

In this candid conversation with Ash , she shares her journey -

  • Her initial years - born and raised in a traditional punjabi family in India and having an arranged marriage
  • Seperation from her husband and her journey of self-discovery that led her down the path of finding Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution
  • Her awakening moment in life when she was sitting by a river and thought of jumping in ending her life but instead decided to give life another chance ! 
  • Quitting her job in banking industry to become a fulltime dog walker.
  • Her path to find purpose and meaning overcoming depression, addiction and having suicidal thoughts and turning her life around becoming a powerful influencer, motivational speaker , author and inspiring others to live their authentic life through her Sexy Brilliant initiative !

You can learn more about her work and connect with her on www.devinakaur.com

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