April 2, 2020

007#: How To Find Your Brave - Conversation with Kimberly Davis, Authentic Leadership Expert and Author/TEDx Speaker

In this episode , Ash sits down with TEDx speaker , Author and Leadership Expert Kimberly Davis to understand what it takes to be a brave leader.

Author of "Brave Leadership" Kimberly offers practical advice on how to be your authentic self and lead through your true self , how to hone your brave and keep the focus on the impact that you want to have.

Episode cover her Passion to Profession Story of 

  • Kimberly's early career years of being in theatre 
  • Her transition from theatre artist to event/program facilitator 
  • Onstage Leadership Program
  • What led her to write "Brave Leadership"
  • Advice on how to be brave on the path of following one's passion and how our focus determines our bravery.

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