May 6, 2020

010#: How this organization is helping to control the spread of COVID 19 in rural India – Conversation with Dhananjay Ramakrishnappa , Founder ‘Joining The Dots’ foundation


Episode 10 covers the story of “Joining the Dots Foundation” – NGO based in Bangalore working diligently to uplift rural education in India, particularly Palamaner, Andhra Pradesh.

Given the recent pandemic situation , JTD has refocused its efforts towards making Palamaner area safe and help control the spread.

They have undertaken a massive FACE MASK DISTRIBUTION effort and have successfully delivered more than 65k + face masks to more than 50 surrounding villages within a span of just 15 days!! This called in JTD team to work on the field with more than 450 village volunteers , it took more than 90 tailors who gained employment because of this initiative! 

JTD Founder Dhananjay Ramakrishnappa elaborates on the company’s vision which started with a goal of providing scholarships, assisting in higher education for atleast 100,000 underprivileged kids. 

This vision of making ‘school the most favorite place for children’ – has resulted in JTD providing all round educations for lower income kids.

Some of their notable accomplishments in Palamaner, India

  •  Sponsored college education for 200 students 
  • 10 Computer labs with over 260 + computers and telescopes for schools
  • Teaching basic programming skills to under privileged kids
  • Built a military training facility 
  • First all girls hockey team and formal sports training
  • Built 5 libraries with more than 10,000 books available for kids

Three things that has helped his success-

1.       Having a strong family support

2.       Strong Self-discipline and Success habits like effective morning routine , running

3.       Dedicated volunteers who treat this not as a NGO, but a start up taking ownership and being accountable.

What does it take to follow your passion and find true purpose in life ?
 According to Dj,

“Understanding that ideas are over rated, execution is the key.

You will need 2 kinds of people in life- one who is very excited for you and cheers you on, and second kind of person who will give you a reality check and not compassionate talks when things go wrong .

Embrace your failures more than success , it is only when odds are low that growth actually happens”

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