June 4, 2020

012#: Passion To Profession: Connection Counselor Joe Kwon on Charisma and Executive Presence


Episode 12 features Joe Kwon, the connection counselor who is passionate about helping others unlock their personal superpowers.

In this episode, we discuss mainly about two such superpowers – Charisma and Executive Presence 

 Joe shares his journey with Ash and walks through 

1.       His initial years of life and career 

2.       Corporate role as a privacy attorney

3.       His true passion of helping others unlock their powers 

4.       His work on coaching, authoring and speaking about leadership principles, Charisma and Executive Presence

Joe explains the concept of Charisma as it applies to workplace and leadership in his book ‘Unlock your Charisma’

‘Charisma is the ability to sense and ultimately deliver exactly what is needed from an emotional perspective in a given moment’

Joe’s latest book ‘Unlock your Executive Presence’ which covers the six principles of being not doing that will increase your executive presence 

‘Executive Presence is the ability to inspire confidence that you can lead in any situation’

More about Joe Kwon here


Unlock your Executive presence 

Unlock Your Charisma

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