June 29, 2020

013#: Passion To Profession: Coach Betty Kempa on Career Coaching and building Personal Brand


In this episode host Ash chats with Career Coach Betty Kempa who shares her story of how she found her true passion of coaching others after years of working in the corporate world . 

Betty takes us through her experience of working in corporate , then transitioning to become a Career Coach helping women especially at senior levels of management find their dream job/career .

In this episode , Betty reveals her signature program that she offers to her selected clients
Her Career Bliss service which covers 

  1. Overcome Self Sabotage
  2. Seek Clarity
  3. Personal Brand revolution
  4. Secret Networking Strategies
  5. Interviewing and Negotiating Like a Pro 

Other Topics covered-

  • How hiring process has changed and how job seekers need to step up to the new normal of virtual networking, virtual interviewing and remote working

Her Best advice for job seekers during this pandemic -
"Dont give up on your dream role. Take a bridge job if necessary to pay your bills . But dont lose focus on your long term goal - keep chipping away, working towards your dream role. Dont understimate the power of networking . Take this time to pause and reflect at what you really want and dont give up"

More about Betty and Career Coaching advice - https://bettykempa.com/

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