July 21, 2020

015#: Passion To Profession: Inc Magazine Contributing Editor , Best Selling Author and Speaker Jeff Haden on Motivation & Success

In this episode , Inc Magazine's most celebrated columnist , contributing editor Jeff Haden shares his journey and provides insights on how to develop sustained motivation leading to fruition of your goals.

In his conversation with Ash , Jeff shares

  • His initial years of working in manufacturing industry 
  • Transition point in career when he decided to pursue writing. 
  • His deep research and insights about motivation and how to create and develop sustained motivation 
  • Morning routine of doing the critical task first which has signifcantly improved his productivity leading to success.

Big takeaways of the podcast episode 

  • Motivation is not the spark, Success is ! So you dont need to wait for that big jolt of inspiration to strike, instead follow a consistent process and celebrate small wins along the way not worrying about the huge goal ahead of you. Those small wins will provide the motivation you need to go further and that is how you can create and develop motivation !
  • Have a big goal to accomplish ? Ask a Pro - by following a pro , you will not necessarily get motivation, but you will get a plan which is what is needed . Motivation is on you to develop along the way !

Useful Links :
The Motivation Myth - https://www.amazon.com/Motivation-Myth-Achievers-Really-Themselves/dp/0399563768

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