Aug. 11, 2020

016#: Passion To Profession : Kevin Monroe on finding Higher Purpose and living an Extraordinary Life


In this episode , host Ash sits down with Kevin Monroe as he shares his Passion to Profession Story .

Kevin Monroe is the host of "Higher Purpose" Podcast , host of " The Extraordinary Life" Community, a coach, community builder , people connector and Purveyor of Purpose and Positivity!

Episode highlights his passion to help people and businesses find their higher purpose.

As a coach  as a business consultant , kevin helps companies become 

  • purpose driven
  • people focused 
  • value based 

And strongly believes that businesses thrive only when people flourish .

Big Takeaways:

  • Secret to one big successful idea? Have lots of ideas , experiement , take action and see what clicks
  • Imperfect action always triumph over perfect plan 
  • Purpose is "Pain Refined"

More about Kevin:

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