Aug. 28, 2020

017#: Passion To Profession: Best Selling Author of the book 'The Sniper Mind' , David Amerland on mental toughness, dealing with change and achieving optimum performance in stressful situations


In this episode , host Ash chats with International Author and Speaker David Amerland
who began his career as a chemical engineer . 

However David's desire for freedom to travel, and able to work at his own pace- made him choose writing/journalism as compared to engineering and he travelled through Europe and then started working for a SEO company .

David Amerland became an expert in semantic search and is credited for authoring the first ever book written on semantic search.

His latest work is 'The Sniper Mind' which elaborates on snipers and their military techniques and connects the dots to business world and leadership. 

In this episode, David Amerland shares -

  • His initial years of career
  • Training in Chemical Engineering and transitioning over to business journalism 
  • His work and expertise in semantic search and data mining
  • Best Selling book - The Sniper Mind

His next book aims to address the concept of Remote work slated to hit the market by year end!

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