Oct. 12, 2020

020#: Passion To Profession: Forbes Leadership Contributor Amy Blaschka on Social Media Ghostwriting and Career Storytelling


In this episode , host Ash chats with Forbes Leadership Contributor , social media ghostwriter Amy Blaschka as she shares why and how she chose a creative writing 
career !

Growing up , Amy was always a creative child which naturally led her to pursue a degree in Visual Arts but her career followed a non linear path which included working in agencies , advertising and even leading a non profit organization for almost 10 years before she took a leap into her true passion which is writing and helping others tell their stories!

An encouraging nudge from an influencer that led her to explore her writing skills and share her work on social media which pivoted her ghostwriting career !

Today she is well known as a brand strategist who uses stories to strengthen personal brands! She helps company founders and CXOs, entrepreneurs, and senior executives to communicate in a manner that enhances their connection with clients, customers, investors, employees, and partners.

Big Takeaways -

  • Stop Hiding - If  you are passionate about something and you want to pursue that work professionally then at some point or other , you need to stop hiding and start sharing your work on social media ! It will be terrifying but is definitely worth it !
  • Protect Your Time - As simple as it sounds, it is important to guard your time and use it wisely to do deep work needed to improve your craft!

Don't miss -

  • Amy's best 5 tips for writing effective LinkedIn posts !!! 


To learn more and connect with Amy - https://www.amyblaschka.com/

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