Nov. 17, 2020

022#: Passion To Profession: International Autism expert Dr. Lynette Louisie on Neuro Therapy, Autism and Family Dynamics Counseling

Lynette Louise (The Brain Broad)

In this episode ,  Ash talks to International Brain change expert/Neurotherapist Dr. Lynette Louise on her passion to help special needs children and their families lead better lives!

Lynette shares about her journey which started with adopting not one but 6 kids out of which 4 of them were on autism spectrum and were multiple handicapped.

She shares

·       Her experience adopting and raising autistic kids and giving them better future 

·       Her desire to help special needs kids which ultimately led her to becoming board certified international brain change expert

·       Creating and hosting documentary series called ‘Fix It in 5’ – where she travels to 5 different countries to help 5 families -now streaming on Autism channel


Takeaways –

·       What can we learn from all the research on brain development so far

·       What has autism taught us about the brain 

·       How to make this pandemic time a stress relieving experience 

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