Sept. 28, 2020

019#: Passion To Profession: Founder & CEO of 'The Better India' ,'The Better Home' Dhimant Parekh on Building Businesses focused on Sustainability and Large Scale Impact


In this episode , Ash chats with Dhimant Parekh, Impact Entrepreneur and Founder of 'The Better India' and 'The Better Home' 

Dhimant shares his journey of how he along with his wife Anuradha Parekh built India's largest positive news media platform 'The Better India'

In this episode Dhimant talks about

  • Initial years of starting the blog 'The Better India'
  • Impact stories / positive stories that changed lives and how they decided to venture fulltime into their positive news initiative
  • Challenges and successes of digital media 
  • Extending their vision further to launch their own brand of ecofriendly consumer product line -'The Better Home'
  • Impact of 'The Better Home' products and their contribution to a healthier environment /greener planet

Dhimant also addresses how they adapted to the Pandemic situation and provides key insights on how startups can handle a crisis situation - 

  • Nail down your purpose 
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Build your offering by talking to your customers
  • Frugality 

Lastly he sums it up perfectly by emphasizing on the power of persistence and why it matters when following your passion and on your path to creating your own path to
success !

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The Better Home -

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